Ready, sure...GO!

The project is aimed at informing young people, especially the newly licensed in our area, the various hazards that may be going on the road. Seeks to inculcate in them a culture and a different way of approaching the vehicle completely new, that is based on complete control of the means and capabilities in each situation. The flexibility of the course lies in the fact that traveling is done in a way, that the whole structure of road safety courses can be moved into the streets and in large areas Area municipalities and / or individuals according to the requests who choose to participate in this initiative.We have available all the means and facilities to operate efficiently and effectively in any area.

The course is divided into 2 step:

1st Step - Lectures

Boys are taught certain concepts and techniques that do not, in fact touched topics such as:
- Active and passive safety
- Location Guide
- The impact of alcohol and substance such as drugs on driving
- distraction from driving (eg use of mobile phones ..)
- Drive Safe Driving Techniques

2st Step - Practical lesson

Boys are taken directly from the instructors in the area made available to develop first-person the exercises. These exercises are designed to simulate situations of danger or difficulty that the boy can come across while driving, so, the new licensed has the ability to understand what is the right move to make really seen that after the lecture know in more detail the means is to govern.