The CM Motorsport Racing is committed in different areas, both in the automobile and in society.


1 - Provides the opportunity for firms wanting to emerge in the automotive world the ability to link its brand in the world of Motorsport, in fact we tailor-made services to companies wishing to use racing as a communication tool to reach the targeted market. From the Italian market in the world. Motorsport sponsorship is one of the few communication tools that offer real opportunities for targeted marketing strategies and global enterprise. Analysing accurately and professional goals of the client, we select the specimen appropriate, to communicate effectively with the intended target. The CM Motorsport Racing by 360° and the customers investment follows the life of the sports program. From the essential (planning, logistics, organization, analysis, post-event) until the performance on the field.

2 - Handles the organization and growth of the Driver Christian Mancinelli


The CM Motorsport organizes for all region of Marche courses in Road Safety READY, SURE ... GO! The goal is to educate the newly licensed and not to those who are the dangers we may encounter every day on the road by providing them the means and the capacity to respond in an appropriate manner to any external stimulus.